Meet us at IBC 2024 |  Sept 13-16

Meet us at IBC 2024 |  Sept 13-16

Toggo for Cars

World’s First Kids Video App on Android Automotive OS

1st video streaming app for Kids

Available for DACH vehicles with Android Automotive OS and Google Built-in.

Automotive-grade video app

Fully compliant with all Google Play Store and safety requirements incl. driver distraction regulations.

UX optimization and curation in real-time

App is managed remotely and seamlessly along with all other TOGGO experiences on TV, Mobile & Web.

SUPER RTL, Germany's leading children's content provider and a pioneer in innovation, continues to push boundaries in engaging its audience. Recognizing the potential of the growing In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) market for Android Automotive-based systems, SUPER RTL partnered with 3SS to expand its popular TOGGO multiscreen entertainment service into vehicles.

This exciting collaboration has resulted in the launch of the first-ever dedicated children's native app for Android Automotive-based IVI systems. Now, children can enjoy a seamless and captivating user experience both at home and on the go. Powered by 3SS' 3Ready product platform, this groundbreaking app brings the beloved TOGGO multiscreen entertainment platform to vehicles, offering under-13s access to a wide array of popular TV shows, movies, and a dedicated digital radio station. The TOGGO in-vehicle service delivers a cutting-edge entertainment solution, ensuring unforgettable moments for the little ones wherever they are.

TOGGO's expansion into vehicles is a significant achievement, tapping into the rapid growth of the Android Automotive OS as a leading IVI ecosystem worldwide. Through its partnership with 3SS and leveraging the powerful 3Ready product platform, the TOGGO app offers an unparalleled user experience, catering to a diverse range of vehicles equipped with this technology. With a track record of serving 50 million users across 20 major operators, 3SS' advanced capabilities ensure exceptional app performance. Initially available for select vehicles in the DACH region, such as Polestar, Volvo, and Renault, the app's reach will soon extend to include Ford and Honda models and future expansion to rear-seat entertainment as well.

As the first app of its kind, the launch of TOGGO for vehicles represents a significant milestone in the advancement of user-centric IVI systems. Currently, the app can be accessed from the car's center display, and streaming is enabled while the vehicle is parked. To prioritize safety, partner collaboration with Google ensures full compliance with all requirements, to ensure a secure and enjoyable user environment for TOGGO app users. This exciting development underscores TOGGO's commitment to provide their audiences with enjoy a cutting-edge user experience enriched with a wide array of content and a truly seamless entertainment experience on the road, on the go, and across all devices at home.

Early discoveries from the deployment process have included methodologies for adapting the service to OEMs’ various IVI screen sizes and dimensions, including accommodating portrait and landscape orientation. User behavior and preferences will be captured, analyzed, and compared with the user experience (UX) when accessing TOGGO on a mobile device, Smart TV, or desktop.

Powered by the 3Ready Control Center,  editorial, content, and marketing teams can efficiently manage the in-car experience remotely, in real-time, adding and curating content across various platforms including web, mobile, Smart TV apps, and, of course, TOGGO's dedicated in-vehicle app. This centralized UI/UX management yields significant opportunities to build unique and personalized experiences,  allowing them to differentiate in the software-defined vehicle marketplace.

This expansion into the in-car environment opens up new opportunities for TV channels, streamers, and content owners like SUPER RTL to Automotive infotainment giving content services the chance to further engage existing viewers and attract new ones in this completely new distribution category, still untapped, to extend their reach and a harmonized UI/UX across all touchpoints. Moreover, the project serves as a valuable reference point for content partners interested in exploring the automotive space, offering essential lessons and insights for their own endeavors.

Leveraging the capabilities of 3Ready, this collaboration between SUPER RTL and 3SS resulted in the successful launch of the world's first kids' native video app on Android Automotive, providing a truly a seamless entertainment experience for children across all screens. With the extension of the TOGGO experience into the automotive space, SUPER RTL benefits from the first-mover advantage by having an early debut in the automotive app stores.

A project like this opens up new possibilities in the automotive infotainment sector to engage with existing and new customers in this untapped distribution category and will provide deep insights into what end-user behavior, and assumptions can be validated, and user experience optimized. With the insights gained from this project, 3SS is well-equipped to support other content partners in entering the automotive space and delivering exciting experiences to their customers.

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"As TOGGO we always want to innovate and be where our target audience is. To be able to provide our kid-centric entertainment service to vehicles highlights and supports this vision."

Robert Dube, Head of Product TOGGO Super RTL

"As TOGGO we always want to innovate and be where our target audience is. To be able to provide our kid-centric entertainment service to vehicles highlights and supports this vision."

Robert Dube, Head of Product TOGGO Super RTL

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