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Create seamless & personalized experiences across all vehicle screens

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Content Discovery

Give your customers all the entertainment they love.


Build a unique offer with 3rd party content, apps, games and services.


Seamless integration and UX consistency with your existing HMI system.


Reduce search fatigue with highly individual content discovery.

Experience Management

Web tool to review and modify in real time what is shown in each vehicle.


Freedom and control to configure content, business logic & UX.

Actionable Insights

Use data-driven insights to constantly improve your service.


Leverage existing vehicle data to create new & value-added services.


One tool to manage various vehicles, regions, head units or SW versions.

Vehicle API integration

Build truly immersive experiences synchronized with your vehicle systems.


Seamless & consistent user experience across all vehicle displays.


Release on demand and in higher frequency to deliver value faster.

Superior In-Vehicle Entertainment

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