Meet us at CAR.HMI Europe: Berlin |  June 26-28

Meet us at CAR.HMI Europe: Berlin |  June 26-28

We create experiences people love

Together with our customers and partners we make entertainment simple & personal.
Since 2009 we create seamless experiences across screens and help to win the heart of every customer.

Our core values

Personal Growth

Great people make great organisations. We help each other being our best selves.

Common Sense

We apply common sense to everything we do, with the best intentions in mind.


We identify the right things to be done and concentrate on them.

No Compromises

We do the right things for the right reason and do not sacrifice customer satisfaction for the sake of quick success.


Everything we do has consequences for us and our organisation. We own the responsibility for our well-being.

Leadership Team

Kai-Christian Borchers

Managing Director

Rudolf Maiterth

Managing Director

Loránd C. Szabó

Managing Director

Stefan Blickensdörfer

Chief Technology Officer

Pierre Donath

Chief Product Officer & Chief Marketing Officer

Emilia Kasper

Chief Operating Officer

Sascha D. Kasper

Chief Human Resources Officer & Chief Information Officer

Adam Nightingale

Chief Commercial Officer