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Meet us at CAR.HMI Europe: Berlin |  June 26-28


Creating next-gen super-aggregated entertainment service for 1.3m Canadian homes

Advanced co-created UX

Co-design, co-developed & scalable 3Ready Custom Launcher

All content in one place

Live TV with Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video all deep-linked and other apps

Personalized experience

Profiles, universal search, favorite apps, easy subscription management with monthly options.

TELUS,  world-leading communication technology company based in Canada, needed to offer its customers a next-generation entertainment service that was super-aggregated and based on Android TV operating system. They needed a technology platform that could provide a highly viewer-centric, customized user experience (UX), and as well as the flexibility and easy possibility to be enhance and scaled as needed.

TELUS chose 3SS as the key partner to launch their next-gen entertainment service. TELUS used 3SS' 3Ready Product Framework to create a co-created UX, with 3Ready Custom Launcher at its core, that was customized to TELUS' specific requirements. The in-house team at TELUS worked closely with 3SS' UX experts to co-design, co-develop and collaboratively optimize the custom UX’s layout and functionality. The 3Ready Custom Launcher is TELUS’ reference UX that can be scaled and applied to additional service apps in the future. TELUS also deployed the ThinkAnalytics Think360 platform for personalized content discovery and viewer insights for its service.

The TELUS next-generation super-aggregated entertainment service, based on Android TV OS,  allows users to find content faster with 3rd party streaming apps such as Netflix, YouTube and Prime Video pre-installed and deep-linked, along with live TV and other favorite entertainment apps in one place. It offers over 400 channels, over 80,000 On Demand assets. The 3Ready Custom Launcher provided TELUS' customers with an attractive and intuitive content navigation, discovery and selection across content types and sources, all within a harmonious, branded experience.

TELUS can now deliver a personalized and customer-centric entertainment experience,  this is powered by individual profiles, universal search, favorite apps, live TV, on Demand and more. User can easily manage subscriptions and adjust monthly to have access to the content they love and they are able to  re-order homescreen stripes/rails so that favorite apps appear first, and pin favorite live TV channels for quick access to what's airing now. Homescreen content recommendations are super-aggregated from all content sources. Telus offers many of today’s compelling video service features: Additional to live TV, functions include restart, full nPVR, user profiles, 14-day EPG and zones for Sports and Kids. Customers can also install their favorite streaming apps in Google Play Store.

Personalized content discovery and viewer insights are powered by ThinkAnalytics  and its Think360 platform. It delivers increased viewer engagement and customer retention while enabling TELUS to perform real-time A/B testing. TELUS also benefits from the ability to track engagement KPIs, content intelligence metrics, and automated metadata enrichment for multiple languages. TELUS subscribers also benefit from a powerful quad-core processor and Bluetooth 5.0 technology with the new 4K Ultra HD Jade set-top box from VANTIVA.

TELUS remote control, powered by t4h (Tech4home), is sustainably made with 100% PCR ABS (Post-Consumer Recycled)  and includes backlit buttons with laser etching technology. It also features a dual-sensor mechanism and Voice Search with Display Assisted Setup for seamless TV pairing, making home entertainment simple and easy.

The successful partnership between TELUS and 3SS allows TELUS to differentiate itself from its competitors with a superior experience that attracts and retain customers,  which is so business-critical in today’s fragmented video services market. At the heart of the Telus experience is the 3Ready Custom Launcher,  a reference UX that can be easily scaled and applied to upcoming apps and features in a roadmap of enhancements, provides the flexibility to keep the experience relevant and engaging for their customer base over time.

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"3Ready has proven to be a powerful foundation to build our next generation of experiences that will bring great entertainment to customers "

Tim Fell, Vice-president, Future Friendly Technology Services, TELUS

"3Ready has proven to be a powerful foundation to build our next generation of experiences that will bring great entertainment to customers "

Tim Fell, Vice-president, Future Friendly Technology Services, TELUS

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