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Stofa Apple TV

Next-Level OTT Viewing Experience on Apple TV

Easy access to content

Start-over feature for instant access to popular shows

Apple TV app as a full-service cable and OTT

Intuitive navigation and instant access control.

Seamless OTT viewing

Mini EPG with instant-access control options for all channels

Stofa is a leading Danish triple-play provider that offers cable, internet, and telephone services to customers across Denmark. Stofa is part of Norlys, Denmark's largest telecommunications and energy group with 800,000 shareholders, approximately 1.7 million customer relationships, and 3,000 employees.

As the market for streaming services grew, Stofa recognized the need to offer an Apple TV app that would allow subscribers to access their entertainment offer. To meet this need, Stofa turned to 3SS, a design and development partner with a reputation for delivering innovative solutions to the entertainment industry.

3SS worked closely with Stofa to develop a new Apple TV Operator App that would allow subscribers to access all of their favorite content with ease. The app was designed to offer a range of features that would make OTT viewing seamless, including a mini EPG with instant-access control options for all channels, and a start-over feature that allows users to quickly access shows that have proven to be popular with fellow subscribers is quick and simple with a one-touch replay prompt displayed on the home screen. 

The result was an app that transformed the viewer's Apple TV into a full-service offering for cable and OTT. The app includes VOD and catch-up services as well as intuitive navigation and instant access control options, which make it easy for Stofa's subscribers to access all of their favorite content in one place, making it a must-have for any customer who wants to stay on top of the latest movies, TV shows, and other entertainment.

Thanks to the partnership between Stofa and 3SS, the new Apple TV Operator App has become a game-changer for the streaming industry in Denmark. This project demonstrates the importance of collaboration between industry leaders to deliver innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of customers in the entertainment industry.

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