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Elisa Elamus

Co-designing & developing a unified experience across STB, Smart TV, Mobile & Web

Fully Branded & Seamless UX

Intuitive and unified experience across all platforms and devices

Centralized UX Management

Real-time control of content, features and branding from one place

Personal Recommendations 

Seamless YouTube, Google Movies & TV recommendation’s integration

Elisa Eesti AS forms part of the Elisa Group and is the market leader in Estonia in the private client segment of telecommunications services. It offers entertainment, information technology and telecommunications services and creates secure network and data centre solutions for clients. Elisa’s mission is a sustainable future through digitalisation. They provide sustainable solutions for over 2.8 million consumers, corporate and public administration customers in our core markets of Finland and Estonia as well as in over 100 countries internationally.

Elisa’s strategic decision to build their next-generation entertainment service Elisa Elamus, created the need to look for partners with a previous track record working together to create a seamless experience across all platforms, and chose to work with 3SS and Technicolor. The service required a hybrid Android TV STB at its core, and to reach all customer everywhere, they wanted to also have their offer go live as an Android TV app, on Web and iOS, as well as Android mobile apps simultaneously. Elisa further decided to expand their reach with Smart TV apps on Samsung Tizen and LG webOS.

An additional requirement from Elisa to be implemented in this solution was to have all apps and devices managed in a unified way, including content curation, all from one single location.

3SS was chosen as prime integrator for the Elisa Elamus project. The service was built on 3SS' 3Ready Product Framework, which has received numerous awards, enabling Elisa to offer a cutting-edge service to its subscribers across all devices. Working together, Elisa and 3SS collaborated to define, design and develop the user experience (UX). Elisa benefited from 3SS' certification and expertise in modern agile development methodologies, including SAFe methodologies, which promote frequent communication, cross-party planning, and common risk management.

Elisa Elamus features a fully-branded, intuitive, and feature-rich UI, with the Custom Launcher serving as the central point of the overall experience. This service was made possible by utilizing the 3Ready Product Framework, the Technicolor PEARL STB, and the t4h (Tech4home) NOTUS Custom Cover Remote Control, along with content and revenue protection provided by the NAGRA Cardless CAS.

3SS delivered Elisa’s next-generation hybrid super-aggregated Elisa Elamus in August 2021. 3SS delivered a seamless, unified experience for viewing on a remarkably wide range of devices: STB, Web, Android TV sets, as well as Android and iOS mobile phones and tablets. Elisa Elamus is available on DVB-C (cable), DVB-T(terrestrial) and IPTV/OTT. 3SS-engineered apps for Samsung Tizen and LG webOS smart TVs went live in 2022, offering even more flexibility, convenience, and choice for customers.

Their subscribers are benefitting from 3Ready-powered UX (user experience), harmonized across all their devices creating a unified experience wherever viewers decide to watch. YouTube recommendations and Google Play Movies and TV are seamlessly integrated within the UI to provide all the latest content from one place. Elisa Elamus is a super-aggregated offering which features Google Play Movies and TV, Amazon Prime Video, Viaplay and YouTube among a total of 150+ channels all integrated with 3Ready Custom Launcher for intuitive browsing, search and discovery.

The Estonian operator can manage all its apps and devices with a high degree of efficiency thanks to 3Ready Control Center, the powerful highly automated cross-device UX management system. All experiences are managed by our Unified Experience Management tool Control Center, which enables targeted real-time control over presentation of Content, Features and Branding of all Apps in one place. 

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“With the partnership of 3SS, Technicolor, NAGRA, t4h and 3SS, we are delivering truly world-class video entertainment to Estonia’s consumers.”

Andrus Hiiepuu, Head of Elisa Estonia Private Customer Unit

“With the partnership of 3SS, Technicolor, NAGRA, t4h and 3SS, we are delivering truly world-class video entertainment to Estonia’s consumers.”

Andrus Hiiepuu, Head of Elisa Estonia Private Customer Unit

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