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Meet us at CAR.HMI Europe: Berlin |  June 26-28

September 15, 2020

Proximus Pickx Android TV Service Goes Live Built On Future-Ready Platform Enabled By 3SS


Proximus Pickx on Android TV™, the next-generation IPTV+OTT TV service from Belgium’s largest telco, is now live and available to all Proximus’ legacy TV service customers, a total of over 1.65 million deployed legacy STBs (for all new customers and on-request for existing ones), paving the way for it to become one of the largest Android TV Operator Tier deployments in the world

3READY Android TV from 3SS is powering advanced TV experience in pioneering feature-rich Android P-based service, based on Technicolor Connected Home’s Sapphire STB and middleware replacing all legacy infrastructure and hardware

Multiple award-winning 3READY Custom Launcher is helping Proximus to differentiate with all-embracing customer-centric TV offering featuring bundled Netflix and Disney+ as well as unique ‘Passion Points’ and ‘Broadcaster Corner’ innovations

SAFe-compliant co-creation together with 3SS enables Proximus to accelerate innovation, deploy new features faster and deliver value to customers earlier

Stuttgart, Germany – 15 September, 20203 Screen Solutions (3SS), leading provider of software solutions for set-tox box (STB) and multiscreen digital entertainment, announces that Proximus Pickx, the next-generation IPTV+OTT TV entertainment offering from Belgium’s largest telco Proximus, has gone live on an Android TV™ Operator Tier STB. The new innovation-rich service replaces Proximus’ legacy AOSP-based TV offering in its entirety, and is currently being made available to all subscribers of the incumbent TV offer, comprising over 1.65 million legacy STBs.

Expected to become one of the largest Android TV Operator Tier deployments in Europe, built on capability-enhancing Android P, Proximus Pickx is delivering an advanced, personalized customer experience thanks to the proven, award-winning combination of 3READY Android TV solution from 3SS and Technicolor Connected Home’s Sapphire STB and middleware at its core.

Following a pilot launch phase which began in October 2019, Proximus launched the service and began to make it widely available to subscribers in July 2020. Proximus Pickx offers a wide array of state-of-the-art user features, tied together in a customized user experience enabled by 3READY.

The new service delivers seamless IPTV+OTT viewing, with personalized search and recommendation that help customers navigate and access desirable content in Proximus Pickx’ extensive offering of linear and non-linear content.

3SS delivered project and service definition, design, and co-created together with Proximus based on the 3READY design system. Proximus and 3SS carried out system implementation based on SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework), ensuring integration and harmonious interoperability with key system technologies. These include recommendation technology from ThinkAnalytics, PRESTOplay player SDK from castLabs, Media Distillery’s EPG Correction Time, which ensures accurate start times for replay, as well as the Technicolor platform and Omni Remotes custom-designed handheld controller.

“We discovered in our consumer survey last year that more than one in three Belgians has trouble choosing a programme, and almost one in two think they waste time looking for what to watch,” said Jim Casteele, Chief Consumer Market Officer at Proximus.

“Moreover, we learned that 70% of consumers want to have all their content in one place, so we knew Android TV was the answer. Now, thanks to close collaboration with our key technology partners, with their great talent, innovation and expertise, with Proximus Pickx we’re delivering a sophisticated, viewer-centric entertainment service,” Casteele added.

Proximus Pickx helps viewers find the content they want by marrying the TV guide with next-generation personalized TV, all via the lowest power-consuming STB on the market. Subscribers benefit from a highly diverse content range, including 4K-HDR, a vast programming library and unmatched array of local content, featuring live TV, catchup, VOD, major apps and games via cloud all available in one unified platform.

Customer admin is made easy in several ways. Netflix and Disney+ are both bundled and deeply integrated, and supported with single sign-on. Subscriptions can be fully managed directly via the STB, and viewers can browse the content library of a service before buying, making it easier for the user to decide whether or not to add it to his or her bundle.

Proximus Pickx will be among Europe’s first Android TV Operator Tier-based systems to feature addressable TV advertising when this capability goes live in 2021.

Super-curation delivers advanced personalization

With 3READY, Proximus is empowered to step beyond ‘super-aggregation’ and unleash the potential of ‘super-curation’. Super-curation is the first step in delivering the advanced TV experience that viewers truly desire, with unified access to all content, apps, and games relevant to a viewer’s tastes and interests. Individualized worlds of content, with corresponding recommendations and service offers aligned with the user’s known likes, can be delivered in an intuitive, linear way.

Proximus Pickx is leveraging super-curation with its ‘Proximus Passion Points’ that centralizes access to live, replay and on-demand content by curated sections around user interest such as Movies, Series, Sports, Hobbies/Leisure, Esports, Documentaries, Kids or Music.

Another new feature is ‘Broadcaster Corners’ enabled by 3READY’s page branding capability. With this feature Proximus can select and change the colors, images and themes of pages to create broadcaster-specific, branded micro-environments within the experience.

The 3READY Custom Launcher enables Proximus to reap maximum potential of Android TV, delivering a much richer user experience – with customization and full Proximus branding – than otherwise possible with a standard launcher.

Total entertainment in three languages plus Google Assistant voice control

3SS is helping Proximus to offer a fully-loaded personal experience to subscribers in French, Dutch and English including:

  • Live TV and Advanced trick-play for Recordings, VOD and Replay, including  ReplayPlus to add days
  • Mini EPG, including 7-day backwards TV Guide for selected channels
  • Unlimited concurrent recordings using Network PVR
  • Pre-installed apps from Google Play Store at start-up (rather than requiring a factory install)
  • All Google TV Services such as YouTube, Google Play Store, Google Assistant and Chromecast
  • Netflix with billing integration, and offered as a dedicated in-app viewing bundle
  • Disney+ with billing integration
  • Safe default parental controls for UI and Google Assistant which deliver extra security and monitoring for children’s viewing, even when parental control is not proactively user-managed
  • Addressable TV advertising (launching in 2021)
  • Cloud Gaming
  • Multi-language support: Dutch, French and English, including Google Assistant operation

“We are immensely proud to have been entrusted by Proximus to help deliver this ambitious and highly innovative project,” said Kai-Christian Borchers, Managing Director of 3SS.

“Proximus deserves huge congratulations on the launch of its Proximus Pickx Android STB-enabled TV service and we are confident that audiences across Belgium will love this new, next-gen, personalized TV experience,” Borchers added.

A/B testing capabilities in 3READY mean Proximus benefits from targeting and unified remote management of the experience. Proximus can quickly and clearly understand what new features will appeal to viewers, and it can adapt applications rapidly, leading to faster and more successful enhancements and launches.

Proximus is additionally benefiting from lean-agile project delivery practices, namely SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework), assisted by 3SS. Agile methodologies allow individual teams to dramatically reduce lead time between definition and delivery of a product, cutting waste and enhancing quality.

By enabling scaling and proactively blending in third parties, SAFe is becoming widely recognized as the best way to accelerate and optimize large system deployments.

The solution for Proximus is drawing on 3SS’ unmatched track record in major international Android-based system deployments. This includes Swisscom TV 2.0 which began in 2014, since updated to Swisscom TV OS4. Canal Digital OnePlace and Com Hem TV Hub both launched in 2018. 3SS announced being selected by Uruguay’s TCC in 2019. Altibox and, most recently, ORS’ simpliTV were both announced earlier in 2020.

Google, Google Play and Android TV are trademarks of Google LLC.

About Proximus

Proximus Group (Euronext Brussels: PROX) is a provider of digital services and communication solutions operating in the Belgian and international markets. Delivering communication and entertainment experiences for residential consumers and enabling digital transformation for enterprises, we open up a world of digital opportunities, so people live better and work smarter. Thanks to advanced, interconnected fixed and mobile networks, Proximus provides access anywhere and anytime to digital services and data, as well as to a broad offering of multimedia content. Proximus is a pioneer in ICT innovation, with integrated solutions based on IoT, Data analytics, cloud and security.

Proximus has the ambition to become the reference operator in Europe through next generation networks, a truly digital mindset and a spirit of openness towards partnerships and ecosystems, while contributing to a safe, sustainable, inclusive and prosperous digital Belgium.

In Belgium, Proximus’ core products and services are offered under the Proximus and Scarlet brands. The Group is also active in Luxembourg under the brand names Tango and Telindus Luxembourg, and in the Netherlands through Telindus Netherlands. The Group’s international carrier activities are managed by BICS, a leading international communications enabler, one of the key global voice carriers and the leading provider of mobile data services worldwide.

With its 12,931 employees, all committed to providing a superior customer experience, the Group achieved underlying Group turnover of EUR 5,686 million at the end of 2019.

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About 3 Screen Solutions (3SS)

For over a decade, 3SS has been delivering world-class software solutions to service providers and technology innovators to bring video to any screen. 3SS is an acknowledged leader in system integration, app development, UI/UX design innovation and solution architecture. 3SS designs and engineers bespoke front end and back end platforms for major operators and broadcasters worldwide to make customer experiences easier and more personal. 3SS’ customers include major satellite, cable, IPTV, OTT and mobile TV operators, including Swisscom, Com Hem (Tele2 Group), Canal Digital, Proximus, TCC Uruguay, Altibox, Vodafone Kabel Deutschland, Stofa, Liberty Global (UPC, Unitymedia), SES, Eutelsat, and O2/Telefonica. Broadcast customers include ProSiebenSat.1, Joyn (ProSiebenSat.1/Discovery), SUPER RTL (TOGGO), n-tv, Blockbuster and Viacom, among others.,

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