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Meet us at CAR.HMI Europe: Berlin |  June 26-28

September 7, 2016

3SS Responds To Market Demand With 3READY Rapid-Launch Multiscreen Solution


New Best Practice Multiscreen front end solution from 3SS curates content from across the entertainment ecosystem to engage audiences in an entirely new way via LoD – Linear On Demand

Ultra-usable platform enables content owners launch OTT and IPTV services faster

Deployable in as little as two months thanks to state-of-the-art architecture and comprehensive pre-integration

Ready in 3 Steps – Connect, Select, Play – redefining business potential for operators and captivating viewers like never before

Ludwigsburg, Germany, September 7, 20163 Screen Solutions (3SS), a leading provider of customized software solutions and services to the multiscreen digital entertainment industry, today announced the launch of 3READY, a revolutionary new unified viewer engagement multi-device solution for IPTV and VOD based on a speedy-to-deploy front end ‘template’ with customizable layers.

With 3READY, content owners and service providers can more rapidly introduce compelling new services to viewers via exceptionally engaging interfaces with look and feel options that satisfy the operator’s marketing requirements.

3READY fast-tracks the opportunity to increase ARPU, while dramatically extending the operator’s relationship with the subscriber. Brand-aligned entertainment services and engaging complementary branded apps can be  developed and launched earlier and more powerfully than otherwise possible – in as little as two months – due to leading edge underlying engineering architecture and processes.

At the core of the 3READY multiscreen user interface solution is a ‘template’ front-end which 3 Screen Solutions has pre-engineered to meet the most compelling functional requirements of today’s IPTV and OTT platforms. 3READY’s simple and adaptive UX, based on industry- as well as platform-specific best practices, helps subscribers discover and enjoy their chosen content, derived and assembled from panoply of sources, whenever they choose, on connected TV, set-top box, game console, mobile device or desktop browser. Additional customized features can subsequently be added in a modular way, planned, timed and optimized to support business strategy.

LoD-ready: a new benchmark in unified digital entertainment for consumers

3READY enables Linear on Demand (LoD), a revolutionary new paradigm in personalized, unified digital entertainment. LoD powerfully collects and curates video assets from a diverse range of sources and assembles them to create a personalized linear experience. 3READY displays it all in a harmonious unified interface that excites the subscriber with a content menu of unprecedented richness and depth.

LoD breaks down the barriers between previously disjointed content silos. 3READY creates a flexible personal channel based on what a recommendation engine learns from users’ selection patterns and history, combining programs and clips from the likes of Netflix and YouTube with those featured on mainstream and premium entertainment channels, catch-up, and VOD library material, all presented as an integrated, highly attractive linear navigable playlist.

“Service providers have been asking for a multiscreen user interface solution to help them to more speedily achieve their commercial goals and realize return on investment,” explains Kai-Christian Borchers, Managing Director of 3 Screen Solutions.

“At the same time, they need to ensure that, right from the outset, their audiences benefit from a UI that is highly appealing and ultra-functional, and which delivers an a captivating unified cross-device user experience,” he continued: “We listened to the market and we believe that 3READY delivers on all these requirements.”

3READY can be integrated with third party back ends and management systems of the operator’s choosing, and these can be efficiently changed without any service disruption. This means an operator can seamlessly integrate and activate a new recommendation engine, enhanced metadata management processes, new advertising solutions, social integrations, new subscription types and product packages or take advantage of transformative new trends like LoD. This is an important benefit since operators, faced with ever intensifying competition, need to launch new and/or improved services and business features smoothly, with maximum time- and cost-efficiency.

Many technical benefits for the operator

3READY seamlessly interfaces with all key operational processes including DRM, subscriber management, content management, payment platform, and all other business functions.

A/B Testing for maximized conversion: 3SS has built in comprehensive A/B Comparative Testing and advanced analytics. The operator can enable/disable features, market-test different content collections, page layouts and configurations to assess user appeal with specific audiences/focus groups.

Instant UI updates excite viewers, enable instant marketing opportunities: instantaneous UI updating allows user experience and functionality across all devices to be easily adapted in real-time. Viewers can be dynamically informed about live events which are about to start or trending content that may be of interest.

Advanced Analytics & Unified Reporting deliver new levels of granularity and understanding: 3READY collects and aggregates all data into a unified stream to allow more comprehensive and reliable analysis. Customized reports are easy to create and display. The operator can delve deep into user patterns and adapt, improve and promote the service with never-before-seen speed and effectiveness.

Highly automated 3READY is deployable and scaled with nearly no manual effort, thus optimizing resource management, and facilitates easy exchange of any component at any time. This reduces the risk of error and of services interfering with one another. And helps ensure that development and deployment are smooth and fault-free.

About 3 Screen Solutions

3 Screen Solutions helps bring video to any screen – with passion and vision. Established in 2009, 3SS is a world class innovator in the provision of advanced software solutions and services to blue-chip service providers, CE innovators and integration specialists in the multiscreen consumer entertainment ecosystem. Major satellite, cable, IPTV, OTT and mobile TV network operators and brand owners have benefitted from 3SS’ creativity and capabilities. These include Unitymedia, Kabel Deutschland, Swisscom and 02/Telefonica. Many leading hardware and network providers and SIs have selected 3SS to help optimize the services they provide to their customers. 3SS innovations have supported Eutelsat, Siemens, Rovi and Netgem. High profile retail brands also rely on solutions from 3SS to help enhance and extend their audience engagement, including Warner Brothers, ProSiebenSat.1, Red Bull Media House and BOSCH. Over 130 million people are discovering and enjoying content enabled by 3 Screen Solutions.

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