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August 22, 2019

3SS @ IBC 2019: Operators Win Long-Lasting Relationships By Having AI Powered Conversations


Stuttgart, Germany – 22 August, 2019IBC 2019 Hall 15 MS10 and MS123 Screen Solutions (3SS), leading provider of software solutions for set-top box (STB) and multiscreen digital entertainment, will for the first time demonstrate to the industry how operators can galvanize viewer loyalty and transform TV businesses through the power of voice.

“Speaking is a basic instinct for all of us, and so using our voices to communicate with our pay-TV service could become as intuitive and natural as asking a barista for a cappuccino,” says Pierre Donath, Chief Product Officer at 3SS.

“How we use our voices in our homes is rapidly evolving; we use speech to control our environment; as we become more and more comfortable asking our voice assistants to play our favorite music, to set a timer or to dim the lights as we sit down to watch a movie, it is only natural to consider our voices to get our desired TV experience,” Donath continues.

“We believe that if a TV service provider enables this most natural way of communicating, there is a great opportunity to build a closer relationship with the subscriber.”

Explains Donath: “A trust relationship is nurtured, and both parties in the relationship benefit.” 3SS proposes that with enhanced voice technology, viewers can more rapidly search for and access the content they want, and see recommendations that are highly relevant to their true interests. Meanwhile the operator has a powerful new conduit to convey, for example, what new desirable content is trending, and alert viewers to marketing promotions tailored to their personal tastes.

“We are entering a new era of ultra-personalization, and dramatically enhanced usefulness for the TV subscriber, all enabled by intelligent voice technology,” Donath adds.

3SS has become widely known as the go-to partner for operators eager the make the very most of their next generation Android TV projects. Com Hem, Canal Digital, and Proximus, among others, all rely on 3SS’ multi-award-winning 3READY Android STB + Multiscreen Solution to drive their TV services.

Putting Android TV centre stage at IBC2019, 3SS welcomes visitors to experience new 3READY Assistant, 3READY’s latest innovation which gives Google Assistant a bigger vocabulary, and more capabilities, redefining what’s possible when a subscriber has a conversation with his or her pay-TV service.

3READY Assistant significantly deepens the Google Assistant in Android TV integrations and expands its usability. Operators gain more management options and choice about how their content is prioritized. It also provides the freedom to create bespoke value-adding commands to trigger a range of actions, from customer support queries like billing and managing subscriptions, to PVR instructions and advanced parental controls, all enabled by having a conversation with the Assistant.

With 3READY Assistant, search and recommendation are transformed, while providing operator-centric benefits: “3READY Assistant bridges the gap between the operator’s back-end and the Google Assistant cloud service to display the operator’s content more prominently in search results, and it enables conversational content discovery and customer self-care,” explains .

“What’s unique about 3READY Assistant is that we built in visual voice feedback as part of the conversation to enable users to follow-up either via voice, or available input device such as remote control or touch-screen,” he adds.

3READY Assistant enables new, personalized cross-device actions and searching, including support for smart displays like Google Nest Hub and Amazon Echo Show, to deliver a completely seamless and engaging user experience across broadcast, VOD and OTT services on any home set-up.

Furthermore, IBC 2019 visitors can try out the new 3READY-integrated Technicolor Audio Wizard far-field voice assistance device, jointly devised with Technicolor, which makes searching for content hands-free.

“3READY-enriched Audio Wizard enables pay-TV operators to deliver the most engaging, natural voice control experience to end-users by being more personalized and, for the first time, without the need to use the remote control,“ says Donath

an operator’s commercial possibilities, and exploring all the benefits of creating a stronger provider-subscriber bond,” added Donath.

TO ALL MEDIA: 3SS Stand – Hall 15 MS10 and MS12 – For a 1:1 guided tour of next-generation TV solutions powered by 3SS, and to test-drive live 3READY-enabled Android TV Operator Tier deployments at IBC 2019, please email and we’ll set it up for you.

About 3 Screen Solutions (3SS)

For over a decade, 3SS has been delivering world-class software solutions to service providers and technology innovators to bring video to any screen. 3SS is an acknowledged leader in system integration, app development, UI/UX design innovation and solution architecture. 3SS designs and engineers bespoke front end and back end platforms for major operators and broadcasters worldwide. The 3READY Product Framework for Android TV + Multiscreen empowers service providers to cost-effectively fast-track next-generation TV service launches on all devices. 3READY Control Center enables unified customer experience management of all apps: Operators can market-test content, features and branding, and optimize the subscriber experience in real-time. 3SS’ customers include major satellite, cable, IPTV, OTT and mobile TV operators, including Swisscom, Com Hem, Canal Digital, Proximus, Vodafone Kabel Deutschland, Liberty Global (UPC, Unitymedia), SES, Eutelsat, and O2/Telefonica. Broadcast customers include ProSiebenSat.1, n-tv and Viacom, among others.

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