Meet us at IBC 2024 |  Sept 13-16

Meet us at IBC 2024 |  Sept 13-16

May 11, 2023 11:26 AM

How to get the best In-Car Entertainment service with Felix Walter

In today's automotive landscape, cars have evolved beyond mere transportation vehicles. They now serve as immersive entertainment hubs, offering passengers a wide array of multimedia experiences. Join us as we explore the vision of Felix Walter, an esteemed Head of Automotive who shares invaluable insights into the future of in-car entertainment. Discover the challenges, trends, and innovations shaping this exciting industry.

What are the Challenges OEM car manufacturers face in 2023?

The three biggest challenges for most auto manufacturers are customer engagement, monetization, and safety.

Car manufacturers face several challenges in ensuring customer engagement, monetization, and safety within in-car entertainment systems. The car infotainment system has become crucial in integrating apps and services and scaling the overall design. They tackle technical challenges to create a seamless and immersive entertainment experience. Automotive expert Felix Walter - Head of Automotive of 3SS, believes the rear car entertainment or passenger entertainment is ultimately against mobile devices. Automotive manufacturers must create an entertainment system with not only a screen but an interface that brings value to create engagement with users.

Additionally, addressing safety concerns is vital for all personas involved. Car manufacturers must prioritize the safety of drivers and passengers by implementing advanced technologies, such as eye-tracking and strategically placed displays. These measures ensure that in-car entertainment remains enjoyable without compromising security.

How do car manufacturers navigate content licensing and regional distribution challenges?

Complying with licensing rights and integrating global and regional content providers is a challenge that falls under the domain of Engineering. They are crucial in ensuring seamless access to diverse content while adhering to licensing agreements. This complex task requires collaboration and expertise to deliver regionally relevant entertainment experiences to customers worldwide.

How can car companies be more innovative?

Staying at the forefront of technology and innovation is critical for advancing in-car entertainment. Felix underscores the importance of leveraging technical expertise and fostering open communication with customers, partners, and car manufacturers. By addressing the challenges faced by different personas and collaborating effectively, the industry can shape a future where in-car entertainment continues to evolve, surpassing customer expectations.

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Through this collaboration and exploration of innovative solutions, the automotive industry can unlock the full potential of in-car entertainment, providing passengers with unforgettable and immersive experiences during their journeys.